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Opportunities to Play

Want to work with the best team building experts in Orlando?

Play with a Purpose is always looking for passionate, enthusiastic, outgoing, smart and creative

people to work on our team. There is an incredible amount of dedication and WOW that go into every project and event, and it is our team that sets us apart from all the others out there.

Working at Play with a Purpose is not just a job, and we won’t hire anyone looking for “just a job”. We strive to create a team of passionate and intelligent creative minds who are willing to routinely step outside of their comfort zone, push their limits, and innovate. New hires are immediately given real and important responsibilities, and are expected to contribute to the development and success of the organization. At PWAP we only hire passionate people. Our team gives it their all, and we don’t apologize for expecting a lot out of them. Our company culture is unique in that we believe having fun and enjoying our jobs is critical. Further, we encourage team members to work on projects they want that could add value to our company.

If you are ready to take off those business clothes and put on some shorts and sneakers, check out the listings below.

Opening: Event Manager

This job is for you if:

  • You LOVE being on site, running events and making guests happy
  • You thrill in the creative process of dreaming up new events and bringing them to life
  • Working on short turn-around times in a really fast-paced environment gets your blood going
  • You enjoy technology, games, apps and social media
  • You understand the correlation between play, fun, and business
  • You’re comfortable facilitating, hosting and MC’ing events
  • The Event Managers on our team are responsible for working directly with the client to develop, plan and implement events in a way that blows their mind!

The responsibilities include:

  • Work with the client to customize and develop their events
  • Create, plan and organize all elements of the events
  • Coordinate with the hotel/venue on all arrangements
  • Contract for event staff
  • Purchase all equipment and supplies
  • Load/unload the van with the supplies
  • Operate the event, including on-site coordination with the client, supervision of staff, event set-up/tear-down, and acting as the Master of Ceremonies
  • Clean and maintain all event equipment, and keep the equipment warehouse in neat and safe condition
  • Clean and maintain van; make arrangements for any necessary service and/or repairs
  • Assist with developing and sending proposals, as needed
  • Assist in creating and designing new events, as needed
  • Post news and events to social media
  • Develop technology products and program hunt apps
  • Develop and maintain resource files for all events and clients

Opening: PlayMaker

Have you always wanted a flexible job where you got to have fun at work?  Do you enjoy showing others a good time and making them feel special and important? Are you outgoing, naturally positive and friendly? Then we have a place for you!

Our PlayMakers work on-call, and your role is to help us run and facilitate our events. You might be refereeing a team, performing in an improv skit, helping to assemble bikes and doghouses, pretending you’re a secretive operative or coaching a team in a communications exercise. Whatever event you’re working, your number one responsibility is to insure that our guests have a productive and fun time at the event. And we guarantee – you’ll have fun too!

The pay is good, the work times are flexible. If you’re interested in being a part of our dedicated and enthusiastic team, please send your credentials and an intro letter (no boring resumes!) to Play with a Purpose with the words “I Want to be a PlayMaker” in the subject line.

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