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Icebreakers, Networking & Enteractive Events

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Our “enteractive” ice-breaker events will get the fun started!

What better way to add some excitement to your next meeting or event than to include an “enteractive” icebreaker!  These events are a combination of entertainment and active participation that drop easily into opening night receptions, theme parties, general sessions and other events.  They are designed to welcome newcomers, break up cliques, give back to the community, and start the meeting off with a high-energy opening.

Best of all, most events can be customized to meet your specific objectives.   Some contain a valuable lesson, and others are designed to promote relationship building and camaraderie.  An event icebreaker can be used in combination with one of Play with a Purpose’s signature goal oriented team building activities or community service events to make your next corporate gathering outstanding. Our team building experts in Orlando and Las Vegas will help you put together an engaging, fun, exciting event that will get everyone talking!


“Everyone loved the activity and the spirit continued throughout the remainder of the week.
We appreciate your help in creating the right environment for our people to succeed!”
L.C.  Sage Inc




It’s time to turn from ordinary business associate into one of the country’s hottest mixologists and bartenders!  Given the name of the event, you might expect a “cocktail competition” to be the headline of an event about how many you can pour down your throat before sliding off your barstool, but actually this is about business, creativity and networking.  Guests are given bartender aprons, all the tools they need to create a new drink, and a business proposition.  Then the fun begins!


This high-energy game show event is a must for your next meeting!  Since it’s custom written it can be used to review information or to introduce new material.  And since it’s a team event, EVERYONE gets to play!  Teams do their best to accumulate points by tackling our challenges – naming that tune, identifying strange pictures, finding things they have in common, drawing wacky pictures, etc.  Every game is new, and our MC is hilarious!


The Chef’s whistle blows . . . the long awaited “Ladies & Gentlemen, Start your Burners!” is heard . . . the fun is about to begin.  This is competition cooking at it’s finest!  We supply the ingredients; you supply the talent, enthusiasm and creativity.  Your teams prepare the Happy Hour feast!


Play the face-to-face way!   Online social networks such as Facebook and Twitter help us build relationships around like-minded interests, and face-to-face events help us to strengthen those relationships. This event brings the on-line world to life, providing a new way for people to connect, collaborate, and work together based on the techniques they’ve learned from the social networks.


“Success lies in connecting the dots.  I’ve been fortunate because I’ve always had a lot of dots to connect.”  Steve Jobs, Apple

In a diverse and collaborative environment, business gets done through the knowledge and relationships of the people on the team.  This fun event is designed to encourage your guests to get to know their colleagues in a whole new light, leading to ongoing relationships that last long beyond the duration of the meeting!


Add a little adventure, a dash of surprise and some incredible buzz to your opening reception!  This loosely organized event blends the best of speed networking with humor, random connections and great interaction.  As guests join ‘networks’ created by random categories such as “get my best ideas in the shower” or “am a closet American Idol fan” they meet others they share something in common with. At the end of the event, everyone has made new contacts, most of them with people they would not ordinarily have met!


So what do business and Rock ‘n Roll Music have in common?  In order to survive, both must constantly generate raving fans,  both must strive not to be a one hit wonder, both must constantly reinvent themselves in the marketplace, and both must add a little ‘magic’ to the customer experience.  And more importantly – both must celebrate their success!  So in this event, your group is going to party like a rock star!  The event combines wacky games, upbeat music, and tons of laughter and interaction!


How much do you really know about the Sr. VP?  Did he really sling burgers at McDonalds for his first job? And the guy from accounting that is always hassling you about your numbers.  Did he seriously flunk Math in the 3rd grade?  What’s up with that new gal that just joined the sales force.  Was she truly a band nerd in high school?  You’ll find out all this and more about your associates and customers in this fast-paced and furious game where guests will meet dozens of associates!


Celebrate the coming together of your team with an interactive event and impactful visual!   We’ll commemorate your company and teams with a larger than life art piece made colorful by the diversity of the people on your team. A blank canvas turns into an insightful symbol of the strengths, goals and visions of your future.


THE FRESH PRODUCE 500SMProduce-Purple-team

Get ready to take a fresh approach to racing as you design and build race-cars out of fresh fruits and vegetables.  “Pit crews” will fine tune their “vehicular veggies” to be in top form for the big race!  The action at the track is sure to be hot, hot, hot as you race for prizes and the glory of the winners circle


This fun event is designed to encourage your guests to get to know their colleagues in a whole new light, leading to ongoing relationships that last long beyond the duration of the meeting!  While your group builds connections among each other, they are also connecting with a soldier – and allowing a soldier to connect with his friends and family!  Each table becomes a team, with the objective of completing our ‘connecting games’ to earn as many points as they can.


This fun party puts a new spin on an opening reception.  Learn your “wine personality”, take a turn trying to identify countries that certain wines come from, create your own blend, and join in a grape-stomping competition where teams work together to stomp enough grapes to fill a carafe.  It’s not as easy as it sounds!


Here’s the perfect opening night event to get everyone mixing and mingling.  Compete in  challenges to be eligible to win a prize.  Each challenge must be done with someone new to facilitate mixing and mingling.  The challenges are a variety of mental and physical challenges.  Best of all, it can be adapted to virtually any theme including tropical, African, Western, Hollywood, etc.


In this Mixer Game each guest “becomes” a drink ingredient for the game.  The object is to find people that they can “mix with” to become drinks.  Special drinks, surprise concoctions, flair from the “bartenders” and more turn this into an entertaining and unique way to meet a ton of people in a really short time.


Imagine walking into a life-size board game… a true experience in Rich Uncle Pennybag’s Challenge.  Guests receive a property card and a brief overview of the rules.  Giant game pieces and properties set the stage, and Rich Uncle Pennybags wanders the room.  The object of the game is to make as much money as possible.  The way to make money is by completing blocks.  The way to make blocks is by collecting properties.  The way to collect properties ~ well that is the fun part…


Try your hand at this mixer that involves a little bit of luck and a lot of fun!  It’s the Luck of the Draw that determines your card but it is up to you to find the best hand.  No need to keep a strict poker face during this event, for it is to your advantage for other players to know what you’re holding.    As each person arrives at the reception, they receive a playing card from one of our “dealers.”  The object is for each person to find four other people who hold cards that will combine to make a great poker hand.

Call Play with a Purpose at (407) 872 3838 to talk with one of our Goal Oriented Team Building Experts to find out the best way to Break The Ice at your next event!




This fun game causes your guests to go from utter frustration to jubilant celebration!  The object of the game is to solve a series of crazy puzzles such as:  26 = L of the A (we’ll let you stew on it – call for the answer!)  As they figure out the secret to the solutions is really teamwork, they also discover the rewards of using the resources of their entire group to succeed.


At meetings and training events, most people tend to cluster with the people they already know.  This highly hilarious event is designed to mix your group up and challenge them to make a whole new group of ‘best friends.’  As they uncover all kinds of information about their team mates, they also discover just how many thing they have in common with each other.


This energizing eye-opener really brings out people’s natural tendency to compete and challenges them to think creatively to achieve measurably better results. They could learn from other team members, they could learn from their mistakes in the first round, they could even share resources to create a bigger win for everyone… but will they? As teams compete to build the tallest structure, they are amazed by their successes when the team pulls together and a great discussion follows on how a cohesive team can achieve incredible results.


Reminiscent of the old Let’s Make a Deal game show, this is one of our favorite games.  Energy abounds as teams scavenge to find the normal and not-so-normal items on our list.  The great thing about this event is that everyone contributes to the success and in the process learns more about their team mates.


This extremely energizing activity will help your team communicate a shared vision for their future and focus on what they need to do to turn that vision into a reality.  As they search for images that best fit their idea of the perfect reality, they also share their strengths, their opinions and their insights in a highly non-threatening way.  The results are not only wonderful visuals to display on the walls of your meeting for the remainder of your meeting, but works of art that bring the teams closer to realizing their visions.


Markers and drawing boards can teach a lot about communication!  In this engaging activity, half the group gives directions while the other half draws.  The results are hilarious, disturbing and sometimes even accurate!  But the discussion about communication and how to improve it within your company are sure to last long after the laughter subsides!




This is the event which has not been invented yet!  If you have a vision, an idea or theme and need somebody to make it reality, Play with a Purpose is where you turn.  Creating custom events from scratch – whether your goal is to reinforce training messages, develop business relationships, or build teamwork and camaraderie – is our specialty, and you can always count on a stimulating program!

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Play with a Purpose provides unique and creative services that require huge expenditures of time and money.  Don’t even think about producing these events yourself, or giving the ideas to another company to produce, without the express written permission of Play with a Purpose.

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