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Community Service & Charity Event Ideasparkers


Work with the best team building experts in Orlando, and help your community… at the same time!

With the help of our Orlando and Las Vegas team building experts, you can make a difference in the community while at the same time fostering camaraderie and creating a spirit of well-being in your organization!  Whether you’re looking to devote a full morning or afternoon, or just have an hour during cocktails or after dinner – our Community Service Team Building Experts have  an event sure to inspire the hearts of your group.

“I was blown away by everything!  The patients will be thrilled to receive the items and the staff will have a great time giving the items out.  Thank you, thank you, thank you so very much for all the beautiful things for our patients.”
Jill Mondry, Nemours Children’s Clinic

Community Service Events for Companies and Corporations

Big Hearts….Prosthetic Hands

Connecting hands, hearts and heads.  This unique program is a life changing event for the recipients of your gifts and your teams.  You’ll access the potential of your hands, heads and hearts to build a better team, a better organization and a better world as you build prosthetic hands needed by tens of thousands of people around the world who cannot afford prosthetic devices. The prosthetic hands are shared with people around the world, giving a fellow human being a hand to draw, eat, tie their shoes, and hug again.  You won’t believe what can be done in a couple of hours when you engage your hands, heads and hearts.


A truly unique event – a service project and teambuilding event combined to be an activity your group will never forget!  Have you ever gone to the grocery store and seen a really great display?  Well now’s your chance to create a sculpture out of boxed and canned food.  There will be blue boxes of macaroni and cheese, green cans of peas, yellow cans of corn, and more.  Teams compete for prizes in wacky categories, then all the food is donated to a local food bank.


Get ready for action in this fast paced event that pits athletes and arm-chair athletes against each other in games of high competition, hit TV shows, frat house and tailgate parties ~ all while giving back to the local community!  Your teams will compete in 60 second activities sure to test their nerves, wits and talents as they compete for the glory! A great way to give back to charity at an evening party or welcome reception while bringing together your team.


Almost half the students in Central Florida can’t afford lunch, let alone school supplies.  In many cases, devoted teachers spend between $500-$1,000 of their own money to buy school and personal hygiene supplies for students and classrooms.  In this action-oriented hunt, your group competes to solve clues relating to grade-school subjects – geography, math, science and more – that lead them to much needed supplies like personal hygiene items, markers, paper, pencils, rulers and other school supplies. The better they are at solving the clues, the more gifts they get to donate!


Charities reap the rewards, your teams reap the business lessons (along with a swelling heart for their successful work!) The one item every charity needs…money.  In this fun play off the TV show The Apprentice, each team is given the task of earning as much money for their charity as they possibly can in the designated time frame.  We’ll provide a list of options – projects that they can choose from – and their challenge is to figure out how to creatively turn it into a charity-driven opportunity.


Remember as a kid walking by the local toy store, and pressing your nose to the window to see all those neat toys?  Or going by the FAO Schwartz store, and staring in amazement at the huge array of toys, games, dolls and animals?  Well today, you get to recreate that wonder for some very special kids in our community!  In this fun event, we combine Design on a Dime with Santa’s Workshop as your group assembles, and decorates a wide variety of children’s toys and furnishings to be donated after the event.  Get ready for huge grins – both from the kids as well as your group!


Step onto the green – the one you’re about to build!  Tom Fazio has nothing on your teams as they are challenged to create a one-of-a-kind golf hole that would make playing the Ryder Cup Ocean Course seem like child’s play!  Combine your innovative design plans ~ with hundreds of cans and boxes of all kinds of food  to outline the pathway and make curves, drop-offs, hills, and caves.  After building and playing the course, all the food will be donated to the local food bank.

BIKE BUILDINGbike-building

Many inner city youth would give everything for a bright shiny new bike!  In this event, your team is tasked with assembling bikes of all sizes and making them rider-ready.  To add some additional fun, we can create teambuilding challenges that each team must complete to get the tools to assemble the bikes, or create a fun obstacle course where they use the bikes and compete against the other teams in a race against the clock.


This is a charity team building event where teams put their cooking skills to use to feed the hungry.  Working with the hotel, we’ll put together a ‘menu’ for your groups to prepare.  It might be lasagna, where they layer the noodles, sauce, cheese and other ingredients to make a splendid main course dinner for someone in the Homeless Shelter.  Or it might be TV dinners, where they assemble a variety of meats, potatoes and veggies to be delivered to Meals on Wheels.   Or maybe it’s box lunches, where you’ll make sandwiches and gather them with chips, cookies and fruit to be delivered to hungry kids in a day care center.  Or maybe it’s “Chili in a Jar” and you assemble a ready-made meal for a mom with sick child that needs extra help taking care of her family. Fill their bellies with love!


Build bookshelves to enhance community schools and libraries to encourage reading. Your group will build and design bookshelves, then fill them with books.  An ongoing book drive within your corporation can keep the giving alive.


In partnership with Feed the Children, your group will help young mothers across the country feeling the pain of not being able to provide the basic necessities for their children.  Teams will compete in themed games and activities to earn their supplies, then they’ll create “Tiny Blessing” boxes for young children aged 0 to 12 months.  They’ll earn diapers in the TP challenge, bottles in the chugging competition, and even tie a fleece blanket.  Wrap them up and you have a great gift for a needy Mom.


Feeling like you’re in the doghouse? Up your spirits with some Barkitecture!  The Humane Society and other pet adoption agencies are always in need of ‘incentives’ and giveaways to make their adoptions more attractive.  And what better offering than a really cool doghouse!  Your group will design, build and decorate a unique home for a loving a pooch!


CARING CONNECTIONSBubble-gum-with-Dennis

In a diverse and collaborative environment, business gets done through the knowledge and relationships of the people on the team.  This fun event is designed to encourage your guests to get to know their colleagues in a whole new light, leading to ongoing relationships that last long beyond the duration of the meeting!  The objective is to find as many things as they possibly can that they all have in common.  While your group builds connections among each other, they are also connecting with a soldier – and allowing a soldier to connect with his friends and family! Great for a meal-time event!


A tribute to HGTV’s “Rate My Space”, this heart-filled event will leave a lasting contribution to the family or center fortunate enough to receive the make-over.  Our community is filled with deserving families – from single moms re-establishing their lives after an abusive marriage to families that have lost everything in a hurricane to day care centers who can barely afford to pay the power bill.  Your team will descend upon a house or community center, strip the rooms bare, then clean, paint, refurnish and decorate the space.  Add some custom art and a cheery garden or flowerbox, and it’s a brand new home!


The traditional hospital setting in examining rooms, waiting rooms, corridors – areas where health professionals and other caregivers work, where families and patients wait – are too often colorless, lifeless, and certainly not inviting.  Now you can change this experience using pre-drawn art canvases, paints and brushes.  You provide nothing but the heart – no artistic talent is necessary.


The feel-good from this design-a-bear event is touching and indescribable as your group generosity is felt throughout the community.  While part of the goal is to allow your guests to “grow down” and experience childhood again, the ultimate result is that they are giving kids growing up way too fast a chance at childhood.  Get ready to play some hilarious bear games, then stuff and costume bears to bring a smile of joy to a child.


A scavenger hunt for the supermarket!  The challenge:  Get as much food as they can and find all the items on the list.  But the list is no ordinary list, as the teams search for such things as:  a kernel of truth, something the opposite of what it should be, a taste of what a Wisconsinite would love, and more zany items.  In this team adventure, they get points for quantity, quality, thriftiness and creativity!


Everyone from Al Gore to Sponge Bob Squarepants is talking about the importance of taking care of this spaceship we call earth, as it is the only world we have.  So today, your team will participate in an event that combines two initiatives in one – being more efficient with our resources and solving our litter problem!  The racing is hot as you get ready to take an environmentally friendly approach to creating an old favorite – the soap box derby car.   The group will be challenged to construct a racing vehicle using a solar energy kit and an assortment of recycled materials!


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Play with a Purpose provides unique and creative services that require an expenditure of time and money.  Don’t even think about producing these events yourself, or giving the concepts to another company to produce, without the express written permission of Play with a Purpose.

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