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Interactive Business Games

Inject your meetings with content enriched fun!  

Each event has specific learning outcomes and messages, and a team-building element to make them interactive, engaging and fun!  Make the learning and messaging stick!


An Interactive Business game with a focus on Customer Relationship Management

The business of coffee trading is a pretty lively place to be, where excellent market intelligence, combined with the ability to respond quickly and effectively to ever-changing consumer trends, are essential qualities for the successful trader.  On its own, Bean Around The World makes a highly effective conference energizer, putting delegates in a positive and receptive frame of mind.  Add a review and analysis session and you have an excellent vehicle for building real commitment to customer focus.


Teams collaborate and brush up on their partnership skills, creating a masterpiece of epic proportions.  

Everyone knows it is important to step back and look at the ’big picture’ every now and then, particularly when looking at an organization and how its people operate and communicate internally.  With the Big Picture, delegates quickly realize that to succeed they will have to co-operate rather than compete.  The importance of teamwork, collaboration and communication is reinforced through the process of painting an artistic masterpiece custom designed especially for your company.



The perfect platform to launch a conference message.

A pyramid is known for being a symbol of man’s ability to overcome the odds by creating a superb structure for their sun god that would stand the test of time. Just like these ancient structures, Flat Out Pyramids gives teams the opportunity to work together to build a corporate edifice that ingeniously reveals an all-important m

essage. In addition to the multifaceted construction element of the exercise, teams have to collaborate, overcome problem solving issues and be creative. Accuracy and attention to detail ensures that the small pyramids all fit together, underpinning the message that the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts.


One team one goal! The inspiration for Rat Trap comes from the famous board game mouse trap.

This is an adults’ toy shop full of giant Meccano. The objective of the event is to build a series of huge contraptions which perform an amazing chain reaction when placed in the right sequence, where each device triggers the next in an ingenious way. If teams get everything right the final piece is triggered as the one ton weight drops and the rat gets it (well not literally). Rat Trap requires teams to act as one, and to work in unison rather than competition.



Putting all the pieces together in a creative and synergistic manner.

Who will have the steadier hand? The greater ideas for creativity and innovation? A better way to accomplish the end result?  Will your team be able to ensure that every element is going to work?  That every piece works in unison?  Each team is challenged to create their very own giant Domino Rally masterpiece. The beauty of this is that every piece of the puzzle counts and if one small item should fail, then the whole thing falls apart.  The Domino Effect is truly fun and exciting with strong underlying team building elements of communication, planning and collaboration.


Massive recreation of company logos using delegate bodies.

Make your staff aware of their unique role within the big picture of a company’s structure.  The challenge is to create ~ on a massive scale ~  the company name or logo by assigning many ‘bodies’ to each letter. Once in position, the creation is then photographed, or filmed from above, to provide an impressive and lasting record in which your delegates are the stars!

CSI (Crime Solvers International)

Test your powers of observation, problem solving, reasoning and deduction as you solve this crime set in exotic Dubai.

Crime Solvers International (CSI) turns teams into detectives who have to solve a complex crime. This is much more than just a fun ‘murder mystery’, as to succeed the teams will need to work well together to problem solve a variety of issues that are introduced against an ever-increasing background of pressure and time deadlines.


Key conference messages reinforced with a storyline of an oversized comic strips

A comical event of planning, communication and creativity based around the production of a giant cartoon comic strip. The challenge is for all teams to work together to create a comic strip story on large pre-drawn cartoon storyboard ‘frames’. There is a sequence to the frames, but no clues as to what the story is, leaving plenty of scope for lively debate as to what fits where. The event culminates in a ‘live’ presentation of the cartoon – a highly entertaining climax to a fun and thought-provoking activity and a  memorable way of reinforcing key conference messages.


Understand the power of negotiation in a game that focuses on gathering information and understanding customer needs.

A quick and clever activity where teams negotiate and trade to maximize their returns. Although this is a competitive exercise, the most successful teams are those that collaborate with others to build win-win outcomes while at the same time focusing on their own bottom line results. During a review process, winning strategies are shared and pertinent learnings are applied to the workplace.




Need your team to believe they can do the impossible?  Go beyond perceived limitations to become a symphony orchestra in 2 hours.

A powerful and emotional musical challenge with delegates coming under the conductor’s baton as a symphony orchestra.  We’ll turn a group of people with no musical ability into a real symphony orchestra in the space of 90 minutes. An orchestra is one of the best examples of a team working as one.  Emotionally and creatively the players have to be tuned-in to each other, and people doing different tasks have to work together towards a common goal.  This is Orchestrate! – a sensational teambuilding experience that will transform your people and bring them together as never before.


Participants take ownership of your organization’s values, objectives and strategies using this interactive platform to share, align and plan together as a team.

A fully customized, focused discussion activity where team members are given a platform to air their views. Speak Up, Speak out fosters assertive communication as participants have the opportunity to both speak and listen as they challenge each other. A variety of applications includes mission, vision and values assimilation; customer service strategies; sharing of best practices and exploring company culture. Discussions are consolidated into our unique Diamond 9 format, providing accountable and time bound action plans for 3, 6 and 9 months into the future.



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