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Team Building

“We can learn a lot from crayons: Some are sharp, some are pretty, some are dull,
some have weird names, and all are different colors … but they all live in the same box.”

Orlando Team Building Experts | Team Building Activities In Orlando and Las Vegas

Building camaraderie, stirring creativity, and having fun!

Your teams members are a lot like crayons.  Everyone brings something smart, unique, special, and quirky to your business.  The trick is….getting them all to understand and appreciate that their differences are what cause their success.

Team building activities can do just that ~ give your associates an opportunity to work together to uncover their unique skills and talents, and more importantly, understand how those traits synergize with their own to move things forward.

Goal Oriented Team Building Events

Whether your desire is

  • to create camaraderie
  • generate enthusiasm
  • stir creativity
  • celebrate successes
  • improve processes
  • reinforce management goals

We’ve got you covered. Our strategic, goal oriented team building experts in Orlando and Las Vegas can help you accomplish it, and make you look like the hero to everyone at your company. So whatever your purpose, there’s a Play with a Purpose program that’s right for your team!


“First of all let me mention what an awesome event that the Techno Race was!
We are always amazed at how you can put these events together….
you are the most creative person I’ve ever known!”
– Luanne Copley, HES


The Latest and Most Effective Team Building Events

A Sampling

Check out a sampling of some of our most popular team building events.  Remember,  as one of the best team building companies out there with the over 650 events in our repertoire there is one SURE to be perfect for your group.  So use this list to spark some conversation with your planning team and stakeholders to generate ideas and uncover what might be right for you.

Then, get in touch with our Orlando team building experts to uncover a team building event that is ideal for your group.


Teambuilding IdeaSparkers!

Listed below are summaries of some of our most popular events.  Best of all, most events can be customized to meet your specific objectives.  


Way out in the Atlantic as you settle in for another grueling day of guarding the ocean you hear the loud bells and the Captain of the ship over the MIC shouting “battle stations, battle stations, all hands man your battle stations”.  Over the horizon, ships are targeting you!  Today is the day where you either build a boat sturdy enough to float, or your opponents sink your ship!

If you want to keep your next event above water, make sure to call the Team Building Activity Experts at Play With a Purpose.


Ahhh… the joy our taste buds feel at the tingle of Bordeaux – the ultimate in blended red wines.   The mere name conjures up grand chateaus, finely crafted individuality, and great flavors that work wonderfully with food. Ever wonder what it takes to actually create a great Bordeaux ~ one that wine connoisseurs and novices alike would choose off the shelf from among hundreds of other bottles?  Today your guests will be invited to blend their very own Bordeaux, give it a name, and create the label that will put them on the front of Wine Connoisseur magazine!


Utilizing the latest in wireless advances, and building on people’s intrinsic need for fun and connectivity, The Race represents the future of immersive, reality-based gaming, starring real people. It’s a combination of Cranium, Mission: Impossible, and The Amazing Race — set in real neighborhoods everywhere.  The Race is, quite simply, the most fun you can have with technology.  Using ipads, smart phones, video cameras and QR codes, the event opens the door to adventure in the city you’re visiting  –  where the “board” is the zany venues of the downtown area or a theme park, your teams are the “pieces” and there is no rulebook!

BRIDGE THE GAP Sucess-Bridge

An age-old challenge to the genius of man and engineering science!  Tackle and answer the question – can we bridge the gap between our team mates while at the same time building a bridge to carry one of our team mates?  The event wraps the hilarity of Bob the Builder, the technical genius of Joseph B. Strauss (designer of the Golden Gate Bridge), and the creative ingenuity of Thomas Edison all into one hysterical event.  Whether you have a generation gap, a communication gap or just a fun gap, this event will strengthen your teams.

CORPORATE GAME OF LIFESMinvensys-game-board

This giant variation of the classic board game “Life” will have your group competing in a variety of corporate challenges and activities that are sure to leave your teams feeling less like estranged colleagues and acquaintances and more like families!  Their journey begins as they build and decorate a car for their “family.”   Each “family” will “ride” together in their car as they compete in corporate mental and physical games that have them racing through the year to earn the most points.


. . . . .Your application has impressed intelligence’s top brass.  You are invited to the top-secret Spy Games training Camp, located in Orlando, Florida. . . . . .

Ever dreamt of being a secret agent?  Then join in this covert training mission to see if you have what it takes!  At Spy Games Training Camp, you’ll test your skills to see if you have what it takes to drive the fast car, conquer the dangerous bad guys, and of course, save the world.

FOUL PLAY: CSI ~ Crime Scene Investigation

Our take-off of TV’s most watched show is a combination of science, intellectual capital, resourcefulness, and creativity.  Working in conjunction with the local police CSI team, we have recreated an exact crime scene case for you to solve.  Follow the same path the investigators did, and see if you can identify the killer.  This will be the case that brings your teams together!

SUCCESS IN 60Its-Dicey

Ever watch the TV show and think you could go to the top level?  Now’s your chance as we bring the game alive!  Compete as teams or as individuals in dozens of 60-second challenges as you work your way up the money ladder.  All for a chance at winning a $1,000,000 dollars at the end!



Step right up sports fans, it’s time to get in the zone – the sports zone that is!  This ultimate sports challenge will have you testing your skills and dexterity on the field!    Athletes and non-athletes alike get into these crazy games that resemble ones they might know . . . but something is off kilter!  Baseline Brigade, Crosscourt Volleyball, Dodgeball, Tryke Races and Hike & Pass are just a sampling of the challenges.   We’ve taken skills and drills from some of today’s most popular sports and turned them into relays, contests and games sure to test both your athletic and team abilities.  Some events require skill ~ all events require teamwork, enthusiasm and humor.


It’s the opportunity of a lifetime: to showcase your company through one of the most-watched advertising tools in history ~ a Super Bowl Commercial!  Each team has the same challenge: create a TV worthy commercial extolling one or more of your company’s values, goals learning objectives or services.  Sample subjects might include:

  • We bring together world-class resources, experience and expertise
  • We are committed to exceeding our financial targets
  • We are obsessed with creating competitive advantages for our customers

In the end, the true creativity of the teams is shown on the big screen at the Academy Awards!


Gangsters.  Pricey artwork.  Forgery.  History repeating itself. Tommy guns. Humor. Mystery.  This story has it all, and sets your group in the middle of an adventure so insane, so whimsical, so techy, so intriguing, and so hys-torical they’re sure to be caught up in the action!   Your guests go undercover as reporters to help break the story in an event that blends the history, romance and lawlessness of the Art Deco period with the tech-savvy, trendy world of today!

It is a competition of creativity, resourcefulness and of course presentation.


“No pressure, no diamonds.”  In the new millennium, the pressure is on to develop teams that can quickly learn to turn into diamonds.  So get ready for The Pressure Point ~ a unique experiential learning event that is a hunt ~ if it can really be called that ~ unlike any other you’ve EVER competed in.  There is no scoring, no paper clues, and no limit on the imagination!  It’s a thriller requiring creative thinking, leveraging of resources, collaboration, and of course laughter.  And the live action finish is sure to leave your group amazed!


Get ready to hit the streets in our championship OH-Mazing Race!  Teams are pitted against one other in this zany rally that combines the best of the TV series Amazing Race with the wild antics of a gumball rally!  The event is designed to allow you to experience one of the most exciting cities in the world as you collaborate with your team in a series of physical, creative and intellectual pursuits all over the city.  You might be challenged to roll sushi, freefall into the skydive machine, blend the perfect Cosmopolitan, stack giant Jenga blocks, do something daring, perform a team make-over, any one of a dozen crazy activities!


The Chef’s whistle blows . . . the long awaited “Ladies & Gentlemen, Start your Burners!” is heard . . . the fun is about to begin.  Chili is one of America’s favorite dishes, and tonight your team-turned-chefs will be challenged to create the best pot-o-chili this side of Texas!  Whether they go for three-alarm, beanless, vegetarian, or hot and spicy, the competition is sure to be fierce as they test their recipes and serve it up!


This event celebrates the creative spirit and vision of your teams – while encouraging them to learn more about each other and the businesses they work in.  The ultimate goal of the event is to create a sculpture that represents their vision of your theme.  Armed with a team “build-it” thinking tool, to spark conversation and ideas, they go to work building a sculpture completely customized to your objectives.

Besides Outstanding Team Building Events, The Team Building Event Experts at Play with a Purpose help organize some of the best Community Service Events for Companies out there.  Whether you want the best, goal oriented teambuilding event or and amazing charity event, call Play with a Purpose today for a consultation! 407 872 3838


Did you ever dream of being a rock superstar?  Of being on stage for a live performance? Of living the good times, the fame?  Well, this outrageous and upbeat event lets you be a superstar for a day!  Imagine being the next Clay Aiken or Kelly Clark (or maybe even Will Hung!) starring in your own music video.  Now imagine competing for that honor, in a challenge hosted by our very own Ryan Seacrest Look-a-Like!  Now imagine that video being produced by the same company that MTV and VH1 choose for their special events and trade shows.   Imagine no more… now you and your guests can experience the thrill of singing in your own music video and taking home a souvenir DVD that will be watched for years to come.


Welcome to Florida – you’re Off to See the Lizard!  The home of swaying palms, balmy breezes and Jimmy Buffett awaits you!  Flowered shirts, bare feet and sunglasses are the dress code for our Parrothead Games.  But be forewarned, this is no ordinary tropical event . . . The Rules are Different Here!  As the teams take their place on the sand, the songs you know by heart float across the breeze, our flip-flop clad refs organize the teams, players warm up to the tune of Pascagoula Run, and everyone gets ready to cross the wild meridian!


Celebrate the coming together of your team with an interactive event and impactful visual!   We’ll commemorate your company and teams with a larger than life art piece made colorful by the diversity of the people on your team. A blank canvas turns into an insightful symbol of the strengths, goals and visions of your future.  No artistic ability is needed, as the giant image comes alive through the contributions of the entire group.  The results will prove to be good enough to hang in the office as testimony to the harmony in which the teams worked.


Shape up or ship out!  In this event, the group is challenged to think outside the box, with the task of building boats made out of cardboard!  You might think this task will leave you all washed up, but by using creativity, craftiness and “crew” work, you, too, can succeed.  Once the building is complete, and the boats have been presented with a team cheer, the regatta will begin! The coast guard will be standing by in the event of unintended shipwrecks or submarines. Prizes will be awarded for the best boats!  The accomplishment and camaraderie that result will last long after they cast anchor.


Ever watch the Olympic Games and wish that you could be there to participate and compete against the best athletes in the world?  Well, here’s your opportunity to experience the thrill of victory without a lifetime of training, qualifying and corporate sponsorships.  Its our unique version of the famous Summer and Winter Games… LIMPICS!  The fun and crazy relays featured in our LIMPICS require no training, just a desire to have a great time!   This event is sure to build “esprit de corp” and camaraderie from the moment the games begin until long after the awards ceremony is complete!


Get ready to unleash your creative side with the Sand Sculpture Extravaganza!  We’ll bring the equipment, and you bring the imagination.  Competitors in the past have designed Jacuzzis with bikini-clad bathers and even an Olympic swimming pool with the USA taking the gold.  As our Professional Artist gives instructions, he also sets the rules: no boring sandcastles!  Get creative, use your imagination and start sculpting.


Understand your clients and yourselves better by studying SuperHeroes!  Develop keen Superman-like eyes for evaluating people and a Spiderman-like ability to weave your clients into your web!  Utilizing examples from SuperHero movies, our trainer will guide you through the process of identifying and understanding the behavioral styles of others.  Each person will undertake a “superhero assessment” to uncover their own unique style.  The information divulged is critical to understanding how to read people better and how to adapt our own personal styles to interact more effectively with others.  Then, your team will create their own SuperHeroes to tell the story of the future of your company to the entire world – and reveal how to use these interactive skills to increase sales!


NASCAR’s got nothing on us!  In this high energy event, teams must build race cars that are fast enough to get a good time, sturdy enough to make it through the bumping and grinding on the track, and cool enough to attract a sponsor.  After the building is done, the whole crew gets in on the action as they take to the course to compete in the obstacles.  Vrooom! Vrooom!


The teambuilding event you have been waiting for!  The Celebration of Champions, a take-off on world class sporting events, is an extravaganza sure to get your entire team motivated and involved in a spirited competition that is not soon to be forgotten.  Athletes and non-athletes alike will enjoy this non-threatening but competitive event.  The “Official Indisputable Rules Book,” includes the schedule of events and briefs the teams on the games.  Some events require a moderate amount of athletic prowess, while some are best suited for couch potatoes.  All events require enthusiasm and laugh-ability.


A fan of Survivor, or the Amazing Race?  Or maybe the Apprentice, Antique Roadshow or Designing Spaces?   Designed to reveal interesting group dynamics, the events create connections between team members and reinforces company spirit and knowledge.  And it’s all done with some tongue-in-cheek challenges and fun!  Your teams are in the center of the action.  How will they fare when they can’t hit the remote to get out of it?!


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Play with a Purpose provides unique and creative services that require an expenditure of time and money.  Don’t even think about producing these events yourself, or giving the concepts to another company to produce, without the express written permission of Play with a Purpose.

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