Blend it like Bordeaux


Business Outcomes

  • Team Bonding
  • Interactive Fun
  • Friendly Competition
  • Project Management

Blend it Like Bordeaux

Let’s face it: winemaking is pretty much the coolest job ever, but short of quitting your day job and purchasing a vineyard, your opportunities are limited…until now! Blend it Like Bordeaux lets you walk in the shoes of the winemakers and enjoy the unique experience of blending your very own Bordeaux.

It’s the ultimate research and development process that starts with a face to face ‘discovery’ chat with a seasoned sommelier and ends with teams presenting their very own Bordeaux, bottled and branded and ready for tasting. Will it be Merlot forward? Will it be a “right bank” blend? Will the panel of experts judge your blend worthy of the grand prize?

The successful Bordeaux will come from the team who works together to understand the nuances of the varietals and mix them in just the right proportions.

Blend it Like Bordeaux provides an enjoyable, unique experience that leaves your attendees with an appreciation for the complexities of winemaking and the complexities of teamwork.

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