Combinatory Play


Business Outcomes

  • Spark Creativity
  • Move your business forward
  • Generate fresh ideas
  • Problem Solving
  • Collaboration

Combinatory Play

Ever find yourself in a rut? Do you struggle to get out of the ‘same old, same old’? Now more than ever, our job requires continuously uncovering fresh relevant new ideas to satisfy audiences that are demanding ever more. We need a foolproof tool to do that! The master of innovation Albert Einstein defined his method as Combinatory Play – the “act of opening up one mental channel by dabbling in another”. In other words, it is taking two unrelated things and putting them together to generate new ideas. Explore how to use this powerful tool to unlock fresh solutions to your challenges.

Learning Outcomes

Brainstorming is difficult under the best of circumstances, but remotely it is even tougher. And fresh ideas are needed NOW to move our businesses forward. Combinatory Play gives your associates a tool to unleash their potential to generate innovative ideas to serve your customers better.


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