In the Picture


Business Outcomes

  • Breaks the Ice
  • Unifies the group
  • Creates Brand Awareness

In the Picture

What they say is true – the best asset of any company is its people. And no matter how unique the individual or how diverse the team, together they represent one brand, one mission – one company. In the Picture takes this idea and brings it to life in a way that demonstrates just how important every member is to the whole.

Upon arrival, each of your attendees will have their picture taken. The pictures are loaded into a computer system and manipulated into a stunning, dramatic 3-minute presentation. First, one unique individual appears, then four, then a group of sixteen, then sixty-four. They multiply and multiply until it becomes impossible to see any one individual, it’s only possible to see the whole. They’re all there though – In the Picture – representing the brand in the form of a logo or meeting theme. It’s an amazing blend of technology and the best your company has to offer – it’s people.

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