Business Outcomes

  • Disruptive Thinking
  • Project Management
  • Teamwork
  • Cross-Functional Communication

Innoventions! A Shark’s Tank Simulation

Everybody has had that one idea that they’ve been toying around with forever. The one that will make the world a better place and turn them into a wealthy entrepreneur! Well, this is your chance. Experience the embodiment of the American Dream in this smart event that will test your attendees’ creative thinking and planning skills. The goal? To research and design a unique product to submit to a panel of Sharks for potential investment.

Teams will create a model of the product, the product’s name, purpose and target audience to see if their idea will impress the panel of judges. Decisions are made, winners are announced and who knows…it could be the start of something big! Creativity and forward thinking will spawn everything from the wacky to the heartwarming. And along with the fun, your group is sure to learn a few secrets that will enable them to be more imaginative back in the office!

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