Survey Says


Business Outcomes

  • Gauge your team’s thoughts, opinions and knowledge
  • Classic game show fun
  • Learn about your team

Survey Says

Survey Says is one of the most versatile games in the market. There are dozens of ‘jigs’ – ie: game styles – to allow us to build a game specifically around your associates and others in the audience. We can pre-gather information from you and your associates, or we can use tried and true Survey Says questions!

A high excitement level keeps everyone laughing and the revelations coming. Your guests feel celebrated and everyone gets new insights to build long time friendships and relationships. So, come on down ~ you’re all the next contestants on Survey Says!

Learning Outcomes

A unique opportunity to learn more about your team on every level. Survey your team ahead of the game for customization opportunities that will ultimately give you better insight into their thoughts, opinions, knowledge and more!


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