The Long Term Value in making Meetings and Events Hands On


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How can a hands-on team building event help my company?

Sharon Fisher, an Orlando team building expert at Play With A Purpose, talks about the importance of hands-on activities — and getting your team members actively involved — and how it can help bring everyone together.

“I think there’s long-term value in making meetings and events much more hands-on in that people, like I said, can get information anywhere so by coming to the meeting, by actually paying their hard-earned cash, or by a company sponsoring a meeting and the expense that they put out for that, the long-term value lies in those relationships and the things they walk away with. Did they internalize that knowledge? Did they figure out how to apply it in a way that’s going to help the company or help their business and build their business?

If you’re running an association meeting, your whole goal is to get folks to come back to the meeting the year after so the goal is: How do I engage them? How do I make them feel like they are a part of a community? How do I create that want so that every year they feel like this has got to be the place where I need to go so that I can get hugs and kisses from my friends and see the people that I see on an everyday basis? Is it the place I turn to to get new and vital and critical information? Is it the place I can go to just bounce these randomly weird ideas I have and these new thoughts that I’m thinking about? Can I bounce them off colleagues who are in a similar kind of business and might be able to give me some input and some value? Is there a speaker there who just might say the right thing that I get that big aha that all of a sudden, now, it’s the thing that I can use in my business that’ll transform the way I’m doing business?

So I think that by creating this–I’ll call it the engaging meeting–by creating that meeting, you’re giving people the want to come back again. You’re giving them the value, and the return, and the things that they’re hoping to get out of the meeting by coming.”


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