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Sharon Fisher, an Orlando team building expert at Play With A Purpose, talks about the different types of companies her team can help — and how team building can be beneficial to any type of company!

“This whole engagement model will help any type of business that’s out there, from highly technical businesses to hands-on service oriented businesses. Whether you’ve got a retail store, whatever, it can help any kind of business because it’s not only ‘How do we engage people at our meeting?’ but it’s also ‘How do we engage people in our business? What are we doing to create unique and engaging experiences for our customers, whether that be in a B2B model, a B2C model? What does that look like? How are we creating those experiences?’

A lot of the things that people will come and feel and see and experience at meetings are things that, with a little thought, they can think about, ‘Wow, how can I apply that in my store? I did this really cool exercise that got people to meet each other. Is there something I can do to create that same community back in my store or back in my office or with the association I’m a part of? The local group I’m a part of, is there some way to use those ideas and those concepts to help build my business in that way?’”


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