BBA Aviation


BBA Aviation had just been spun off from their parent company and was redefining its mission and core values. They called on Play with a Purpose to design an event that would help ensure that everyone was in complete understanding of the new direction.


Better News Network! The group was divided into three different sets of production crews. Each crew was tasked with creating a commercial for a specific target audience – employees, customers or shareholders – that conveyed the company’s new mission and core values. It required the attendees to interpret their understanding of the new company direction and communicate it to their audiences in a clear, creative way. Once the commercials were created the stakeholders could clearly see how well their teams understood the new direction. One interesting dynamic that was shared by the CEO was that none of the videos honed in on the one over-riding core value that he had assumed everyone had embraced. Since this event kicked off their meeting, it gave him plenty of time to change his presentations and focus on that piece.

High engagement, great content connection, purposeful and incredible enjoyment. The result? A much better return on your meeting investment.


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