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We Specialize in Participatory,  Hands-On Events That Drive Results.

The reality is yesterday’s teambuilding events are not going to cut through today’s distractions. Smart meeting owners know they need forward thinking and smart ideas to keep their attendees radically involved. And that’s exactly what we deliver. Intelligently designed events and fully customized experiences and activities that insure high engagement, message retention and incredible enjoyment from beginning to end. The result? A much better return on your meeting investment.

Support Your Meeting Goals with Our Smart, Purpose Driven Events

Everything we offer from Teambuilding to Community Give Backs to Experiential Learning is designed to support business relevance. So, truly understanding the goals of your meeting is the first step to insuring that you choose the perfect experience strategy to support those goals. Is your meeting about acquiring new knowledge; sharpening networking skills; merging two teams into one? Play with a Purpose can help you define your purpose and design an event strategy to support your business goals.

Customize for Brilliant Results

Tap into our intelligently designed, fully personalized portfolio of strategies to weave your culture, your brand, and the heart of your organization throughout your meeting. Customization is critical to making your corporate meetings and training sessions mean more.

Create Different: A Concept that Delivers on a Higher Level

Create Different is a philosophy, a state-of-mind that kicks in every time we start a new project. It inspires fresh, innovative action. Our IDEASPARKING!, DISRUPTORS and CUSTOM DESIGN services explode the barriers to creative thinking and take your meeting events and training sessions to a higher level by connecting attendees to you content in a way that they won’t expect.


A truly fresh, innovative twist on events. It's like a shot of adrenaline.

These Planners Delivered the “AHA” Moment. Will You?

BBA Aviation had just been spun off from their parent company and were redefining their mission and core values. They called on Play with a Purpose to design an event that would help insure that everyone was in complete understanding of the new direction.


Syngenta was ready to implement an entirely new integrated sales strategy. They wanted to excite and motivate the team but also, unite the senior leaders and the field sales force around the changes that would be occurring. They called on Play with a Purpose to design events that would address both of those goals.


Play is at the Heart of all of Our Best Ideas

Purposeful Play has been part of our DNA for 25 years. Our team understands it and more importantly, we understand how to make it work for you. By infusing play-based strategies in your meetings and training you encourage out-of-the-box thinking, risk taking and problem solving. Which, by the way, is exactly what you need.

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