Experiential Learning

At the heart of true learning are four key tenets:

  • Deep Thinking – Hearing and engaging with new material that helps us get past the “I already know that” filter
  • Application – Practicing, experimenting, participating and diving in to material in a hands-on way
  • Giving and Receiving – Sharing insights, best practices, debating concepts and busting assumptions
  • Connecting – Exploring ways to implement the material in the real world

From working with presenters to creating experiential learning games, activities and training programs, Play with a Purpose supports your goal of impactful education.

It’s Time to Turn Presenters into Engagers!

Most presenters want to do a great job.  But they’ve been trained in the old-school, NSA standard model, which is all about speaking from the front of the room.  Today’s audiences don’t want to just listen– they want to engage with the presenter, the material and most importantly the other learners.

We work with your speakers to help them understand:

  • Principles that result in learning retention, transfer and application
  • The neuroscience behind learning and remembering
  • Interactive design tools to engage learners
  • Ways to create a safe conversation space (for the learners and for them)
  • Facilitating from the center of the room

We can make this happen in two ways:

  • Work 1-on-1 with key speakers to customize their presentations
  • Host a webinar for all your speakers

Boost Engagement with Experiential Learning Games

At heart, we are educators.  We are also adults who refuse to lose our playfulness and curious spirit.  Our goal with every Experiential Learning event we create is to build on three things:

  • Delivering on the Learn… Feel … Do of your event
  • Applying adult learning theory and brain neuroscience to insure engagement
  • Creating a game, activity, experience or program that is fun, interactive and participatory

Let’s talk about how we can help you bring YOUR learning and content to life! 

This Planners Delivered the “AHA” Moment.

CibaVision, the lens care company, wanted less talking heads and more conversations around their new product during their launch convention.  This meant the sales team needed to know the basics before they came to the conference.  Play with a Purpose found a solution.



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