Identify Your Purpose

Identify Your Experience Purpose

Let’s face it – with a name like Play with a Purpose, of course ALL of our events are hands-on, participatory and FUN! So what is your real objective? Nothing is more important than aligning your events and experiences with the overall goals and content of your meeting.

The first step is identifying your meeting purpose. Play with a Purpose works closely with you early in the planning process to help crystalize your vision and then choose experiences, big and small, that support those objectives – in a fun way, of course.

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Identify Your Purpose

You make a lot of decisions when planning a meeting or training session.  And though every decision you make measures important on the Richter scale, nothing ranks higher than aligning the events and experiences you plan for your group with the content and goals of your meeting.   

The first step to successful synergy is identifying your meeting purpose.  Play with a Purpose works closely with organizations early in the planning process to help them crystalize their goals and then choose team events and experiences, big and small, that support those goals. 

What is YOUR Purpose?

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