Clipper Classic


Business Outcomes

  • Improve Team Dynamics
  • Resource Management
  • Creative Thinking
  • Project Management

Clipper Classic

On ancient maps, uncharted territory was marked by fire-breathing dragons. Today, as your teams think about how they can help your company thrive they will encounter their own dragons – obstacles that need to be overcome, communication challenges within their team, customers that need to be pleased. It is critical to their success that they believe they can achieve the impossible.

Clipper Classic will immerse your teams in an environment that requires them to achieve the impossible. Build a boat from cardboard that will race across the pool and carry two crew members to the finish line! The initial reaction? “I can’t swim!” But then teams become united in purpose, free from traditional boundaries and assumptions and excited about doing the impossible. Success is rarely easy, but in this event…it’s fun!

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