Harmonica Harmony


Business Outcomes

  • Energizes
  • Teambuilding
  • Cooperation

Harmonica Harmony

Did you know that the Harmonica is the #1 world’s best-selling musical instrument? Chances are your very first musical experience was with a harmonica or a Kazoo. A typical harmonica allows for twenty-one notes and all the pianissimos and crescendos one could ever want – and that’s what makes this event so exciting!

Harmonica Harmony guides your group through a series of fun exercises that culminates in a mass harmonica jam session that would make any of the Greats proud. Much more than just a conference energizer, you’ll see your teams learn a new skill and combine their efforts to produce something truly extraordinary. It focuses the mind, creates a positive attitude and unifies a group. So, put on your shades, lick your lips and blow! And take your place in Harmonica History.

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