How did you decide to create Play with a Purpose?

Team Building Event Planner In Orlando

How did Play With A Purpose get into the business of team building events?

Sharon Fisher, an Orlando team building expert at Play With A Purpose, talks about some of the ways you can create conversation pieces around your office, and encourage your team to discuss and converse.

“Well, I officially have a degree in whistle blowing. When I went to college, I got a degree in outdoor recreation and park management. I wanted to be a park ranger. When I graduated, there weren’t any jobs available, so I ended up working for a city recreation department, which then led to me working at a resort running a resort recreation department. So, from there I jumped up, and I had some consulting jobs where I was helping other hotels start their own rec departments. That led to me starting my own business and kind of getting into what I’m doing, but my father, when I was going to school for my degree in recreation, used to tell everybody, ‘Yeah, I’m paying for my daughter to get a degree in whistle blowing. She’ll be the first one living at home again.’ Needless to say, 20 years later, it hasn’t worked out that way, so that’s good.”


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