Puppet Master


Business Outcomes

  • Collaboration and Cooperation
  • Teamwork
  • Project Management
  • Cross Functional Communications

Puppet Master

You are the master of your own actions. But what if you had to control the actions of others? How would you go about making a project, a person or a team perform effectively? Could you do it alone or would you need the help of others? Puppet Master is a whole heap of fun that challenges teams to think about what it takes to perform – from breaking a project down into achievable steps to working with others to drive things forward.

To succeed each team has to build and then become the nerve center of a giant puppet, controlling all of the puppet’s movements to execute a great performance. Puppet Master is a fully inclusive activity where everybody must have a clear understanding of their role in the bigger picture. The result? Well, it ranges from hysterical to brilliant. But everyone walks away with a greater appreciation for each other and their contributions!

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