Rat Trap


Business Outcomes

  • Collaboration
  • One team one goal
  • Strategic Planning
  • Breaking down silos

Rat Trap

Have you ever played Mouse Trap? This event is just like that … only it’s larger than life size and at the end, you don’t trap a rat, you get to squash it with a one-ton weight! Maybe your “rat” represents a company hurdle or problem that you’ve overcome. Maybe it’s a competitor or an old process that you’re finally rid of. But before you get too excited, no, you absolutely can not squash your boss.

Every company has problems to solve and projects to complete and it often requires participation and production from multiple sources. Each contribution affects the whole, and we’ve all heard the saying about the weakest link! Rat Trap illustrates how work between groups can go right…or go wrong.

Presented with just a pile of parts and tools, teams build their part of the contraption. Then the fun begins – when you put it all together will your team’s contribution help or hinder your goals? Will your colleagues come to your rescue?

This is your chance to work together to totally eradicate a problem. Squash it like a bug or in this case like a rat!

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