The Art of Networking


Business Outcomes

  • Unique networking opportunity
  • Creativity sparking
  • Engaged attendees
  • Team bonding and exploration

The Art of Networking

Spark connection, friendships and maybe even business opportunities with “digital conversation drawing”. As guests hop between Zoom rooms, they meet upwards of 60 people in an hour! In each room, there is either a pre-planned conversation topic, or the folks in the room can choose a topic or just chit-chat. The goal is to get to know other people, build relationships, and share creative ideas, opinions, and insights that will help others.

The event works on any device with an internet connection. Each player gets a digital paint board and an online art board to play their part in connecting ideas and solutions. The pure art of drawing (please rest assured, if you can draw a stick figure you can participate in this event!) sparks easy and natural sharing. And in the end, the mural of images creates lasting impressions.

Learning Outcomes

The Art of Networking can be customized to meet your event objectives. This program can be utilized to help get a better understanding of your team through insightful questions that build connections and deep bonds in a space that is comfortable, fun and creative. Use this program to help gauge knowledge and comprehension of company policy, product or ideals. Lastly, this can be a fun tool that is used to simply engage and enjoy one another! The possibilities are endless.


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