The Value that comes with Face to Face Meetings

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Why is social interacting good for team building?

Sharon Fisher, an Orlando team building expert at Play With A Purpose, discusses the importance of interactive, face to face socializing in team building, and how it can help make your team stronger.

“The whole value of face-to-face meetings are people getting together and talking one-on-one and creating that human connection that you can’t get through any social media tools, or over the telephone, or in an email or any other way.

It’s really about those people that you meet one-on-one. I’ve always said, any time I go to a conference, if I can get one really great connection–either a sales prospect, or somebody that can refer me a lot, or somebody that causes me to go, ‘Oh, my gosh, why didn’t I think of that? That’s a great new idea, great new product, great new market, a new approach that I hadn’t thought of,’–if I can get one thing out of the meeting, that is of value to me and I think that there’s a lot of people feel that way, that it just takes that one really great revelationary idea that can really spring-board you forward and can get there.

As an example of this: Hug’s sponsor. It allowed him to meet people in a whole different way. People that never would have come up to him said, ‘Hi, we’re all trying to figure out who this sponsor was for the chance to win the iPad.’ That led to increased relationships for him. It led to him meeting people he never would have met otherwise. It led to him having created a relationship, to do follow-up later because, if you’re standing in a trade show booth and you get a business card, that’s not the same thing as having stood and had a conversation with somebody about this really great sponsor thing that you’re doing, or that great hug that they just gave you.

It’s a different kind of a connection, and it opens the door, and he was saying that he’s having all kinds of great results from people taking his phone calls now that he never would have thought would have taken his phone calls before. Even if they don’t have business for him, they’re taking his calls. They’re saying, ‘Hi,’ because they’ve got this personal connection.

It’s all about creating that–I call it the ‘heart-share’–in a meeting. There’s always been mind-share in meetings, there’s always been lots of knowledge and research and lots of things that have been done, and now meetings are really moving into the heart-share arena. It’s how do you use that meeting to capture heart-share with your peers, your associates, your clients, if it’s an association or a trade show kind of meeting? It’s all about creating that heart-share and that connection so that you can move forward in some way together.”


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