Virtual Scavenger Hunt


Business Outcomes

  • Creativity sparking
  • Quick thinking challenges
  • Fast & fun

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

The Virtual Scavenger Hunt is a game with tons of challenges to keep your team engaged with each other, the company, your customers and learning – even when they can’t see each other.

This competitive scavenger hunt begins by breaking your group into a teams, and then logging them into the web-based digital platform. Once every player is logged in and ready to compete, the host announces “something” that needs to be found, the participants then race around their homes or offices to find that item. Once it’s found they race back to the computer and “buzz in” to lock in their position. Whichever team finds the item gets the point for that round. Some rounds only ONE player from each team needs to successfully find the item, for some rounds EVERY player will need to find the item. The rounds continue and the competition ensues, until one team rises victorious over all the rest.

Learning Outcomes

Virtual Scavenger Hunt is the event to help your team with their quick thinking and creative thinking skills, while working together! Use this event to get your team out of a rut or past a plateau. Need to build comradery for your team, this game will do the trick. Bonus: Fun and laughs that are bound to happen!


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