Why would someone hire Play with a Purpose?

Finding The Best Orlando Team Building Experts

Why does my company need team building event experts?

Sharon Fisher, an Orlando team building expert at Play With A Purpose, talks about the reasons a company would need team building events, and how Play With A Purpose can help organize them.

“This whole new evolution of meetings, I think, is really, really exciting because there’s so much opportunity to do some really cool and different things within the meetings. It’s going to re quire planners to step outside their comfort zone a little bit and try things that they’ve never tried before and give it a chance.

So, I recommend to planners: Don’t try to reinvent your entire meeting in one fell swoop. Pick pieces of it that you can work on, and just change little things, and see how it works. See how your audience reacts, and continue doing the ones that work really well, and stop doing the ones that didn’t work very well for your audience. But, you’ve got to take a little bit of risk and try something new, or you’re never going to be fresh and cutting edge and offering something that’s of real value to the folks that are coming to the meeting. So, that’s one tip or one technique is to start small and just choose a few things … small, little things. Break out, and do those, and then continue to build on them.

Another one is to know your audience. Know what they’re there for, what they’re looking for. Know whether your audience is a Volkswagen or a Cadillac or a Hummer, and understand a little bit about the cultural differences and the culture of your company and/or your association, your group, or your meeting so that when you’re planning those events, you plan the right thing that fits culturally and fits with the demographics of your group … and the psychographics, more importantly, so that you understand kind of who they are, and what they want to do, and how it works for them.

Then, three, only do things with a purpose. Don’t throw in something crazy and wild and interactive just for the sake of saying, ‘Oh, we did this interactive thing.’ As an example: how groups will come and say, ‘Well, instead of just doing a coffee break, we want something active. So, let’s put some basketball courts in the coffee break area.’ Not that it’s not fun; not that people won’t go play basketball and shoot some hoops; not that it’s not a great activity because the more you physically move your body, the more your mind is engaged, so it’s a good activity from that standpoint. But, don’t do something just to do it. Understand what you’re hoping to accomplish, and why you’re doing it, and plan strategically for what you’re trying to do.

So, those would be my three quick tips on jumping into this new realm of engagement.”


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