Better News Network


Business Outcomes


  • Uncover hidden concerns
  • Bolster your team
  • Build enthusiasm
  • Laugh and celebrate
  • Collaborate as a team

Better News Network

Have your team jump into the newsroom at The Better News Network and bring the latest happenings in the world and your company to your “viewers”. Your team will be given their own segments to create, budget, produce and film, each with its own unique guidelines. Culminating in a fully produced and final news airing, your team is sure to love working in the newsroom!

Learning Outcomes


This event has the unique capability of morphing to meet your objectives. The On-Air segments can be themed and instructions given to produce a final newscast that takes the direction of celebrating, sharing good news, getting to know the people in the company, uncovering hidden concerns or telling your customers what’s up. Check out the BBA Case Study.


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