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Change Agents

< BACK Business Outcomes Inspirational Improve Morale Motivational Agents of Change Change is constant, unnerving, exciting, annoying and necessary. While some people thrive on it, others are freaked out by it. Since change is such an inevitable part of a growing...


< BACK Business Outcomes Team Bonding Project Management Creativity Contraptions – Odyssey of the Mind Everyone has heard the famous quote from one of the most celebrated inventors of our time. No, I’m not talking about Thomas Edison, but of an even more...

Beat the Box

< BACK Business Outcomes Enhance Communication Skill Assessment Cooperation Delegate BEAT THE BOX A ticking clock– it’s used to inject urgency and tension into a great story. In business, it’s used to mark progress, manage time, complete a project. In Beat the Box...

As Seen On TV

< BACK Business Outcomes Team Bonding Interactive Fun Friendly Competition As Seen On TV Game shows are as American as homemade apple pie.  Spin the wheel. Let’s make a deal. Name that tune! Game shows represent the earliest form of reality TV where ordinary men...

Quick Fire

< BACK Business Outcomes Creative Team Experience Time Management Cross-Functional Cooperation Large Group Engagement Quickfire A ticking clock, risk and reward, and 3 levels of play provide the perfect event to shake up everyone in the room. What are your...

Mystery Mingle

< BACK Business Outcomes Fun interaction      Problem Solving  Networking   Improves Critical Thinking   Mystery Mingle Who can resist a good mystery?  It’s not only one of the most popular genres for...

The Category Is…

< BACK Business Outcomes Improves Communication Networking Promotes Participation and Cooperation The Category Is … This Play with a Purpose ENGAGER is the perfect event to get people moving, talking, thinking, bonding and primed for what’s to come. Everyone has...

Peak Performance

< BACK Business Outcomes Problem Solving  Teamwork  Managing Change  Leadership Peak Performance You and your teams have embarked on one of the most challenging feats in human history - climbing Mount Everest.  Everything is going as...

Focus on the Future: Vision Boards

< BACK Business Outcomes Inspirational Promotes Forward Thinking Reinforce Company Goals Focus on the Future: Vision Boards Ok, here’s the truth. Vision boards are not just for teenage girls and brides-to-be. They have become a very effective tool for businesses to...

Fresh Biz

< BACK Business Outcomes Problem Solving Teamwork Collaboration Innovative Thinking Fresh Biz There’s no question, the business landscape is changing so quickly most of us have difficulty keeping up. Companies are constantly having to re-evaluate and design new...

Puppet Master

< BACK Business Outcomes Collaboration and Cooperation Teamwork Project Management Cross Functional Communications Puppet Master You are the master of your own actions. But what if you had to control the actions of others? How would you go about making a project, a...

Hygiene Kits

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Mug ‘Em

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Get Cozy

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Laughter is the Best Medicine

< BACK Business Outcomes Team Bonding Breaking Down Barriers Building Morale Laughter is the Best Medicine Knock, knock.  Who’s there?  Little old lady.  Little old lady who?  I didn’t know you could yodel!  Did you laugh?  Laughter...


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